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How does my home organizing process work?


We start with your free phone consultation during which we’ll discuss your challenges and get acquainted. If you feel comfortable, we’ll schedule a session. The total number of sessions will depend on how much you want to organize, how quickly you make decisions, any interruptions, and your budget.


In our initial session, we’ll tour your home (but don’t neaten first!) and review your goals so we’re in sync, then get right to work. We’ll declutter—sort through your things to keep what’s important—and donate, recycle or toss the rest. I’ll help you decide what to keep or not but the final decisions are yours.


I’ll create customized, simple systems for you to follow, and teach you skills, organizing principles, healthier habits and easy maintenance techniques to remain organized. I can give you a shoulder to lean on or a nudge to move you forward. You’ll see a noticeable improvement after our very first session!

If you want to reach your goals quicker, you can do homework between sessions. For do-it-yourselfers, I can explain what you’d need to do. We can work virtually. You can have frequent sessions or spread them out. There is a solution for every budget.

You changed my life! I can’t believe how this happened in just two days together! You are so efficient and accomplish a lot in a short period of time. This is one investment of time and money I’m glad I made!

~Stephanie Staerk

Why choose An Organized Approach at home?

In my house, there is one home (place) for everything in it. That means instant retrieval and returning things where they belong immediately after use. An Organized Approach is one-stop shopping for all your organizing needs. Some organizers don’t work in people’s homes. Others don’t work in business offices. Some work only with women. I enjoy working in all areas! To me, it’s all about results. Decluttering a dirty basement is not glamorous but the results for my clients are what’s important!

  • Can organize any space in the home and home office
  • Motivated, results- and goal-oriented
  • Fun to work with
  • Excellent teacher
  • Patient
  • Passionate
  • Great client relationships
  • Clients include young children to seniors, stay-at-home parents to corporate executives, those needing fine-tuning to chronically disorganized or have AD/HD and more.

Before, my kids had nothing to play with because the room was a jumbled mess. Now that the room has order, it’s like they have all new toys. My kids better not screw this up!

~Marissa Messinger

I never thought I’d have a clear desktop – that was like a dream. Now I can light a candle here without setting the house on fire.

~Donna O’Gorman

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