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Organized officeI have exciting news to share! I was named a top organizing and decluttering expert by Redfin. Check out the article in which I was featured: Organizing Mistakes: 27 Slip-Ups to Avoid During Your Next Project | Redfin. Various professional organizers contributed these valuable tips to help everyone who strives to be better organized.

See my tip, #23, which briefly explains one of the most important principles I teach clients when assigning homes to things after decluttering. Following this principle makes it super simple to find what you need when you need it!

In 2000, I founded An Organized Approach, an award- winning company, to help people get and remain organized at work and home. As a pro organizer for 23 years, I know you can be much better organized just by following these tips! The most important part is to get started. If you need some help, reach out to a professional organizer who can customize solutions based on your specific situation. You’ve got this!

Adriane Weinberg

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