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10 Top Spring Organizing Tips (05.20.15)

Here in the northeast the forecast is for a beautiful few days leading into the Memorial Day weekend. Yay! We earned it after suffering through the polar vortex last winter! Here are 10 top spring organizing tips, some or all…

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Secrets of Success in the Kitchen (July 2014)

Did you know that July 25 is Culinarians Day? It’s a day dedicated to chefs – or anyone who cooks.  Speaking of food, I’m proud to share with you that a previous blog post (July 18, 2013) on food clutter…

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My Best-Ever Donation Tips

              As a professional organizer, I see too many homes filled with Too Many Things. Why? Because Things are brought in--year after year, decade after decade, and far fewer Things go back out. Over…

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The Lure of Magazines

Many people love to get and save magazines, lots of them! They are glossy, colorful and full of information. Do you read the ones you get? All of them? While still current? Do you save them to refer to --…

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