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Organized GarageSpringtime brings the vibrant colors and fragrant aromas of blooming flowers. So, I bet your very next thought of Springtime is your garage. What, it’s not?

OK, the garage is not sexy. But it surely ranks high in importance when you can’t find anything in there or park your car in it when it’s raining sideways!

Spring, when it’s not too cold or too hot, is a good time to organize this space so you can access garden tools to create lovely landscapes, bikes for family rides and overflow party supplies for backyard BBQs. Isn’t it time to finally get rid of all your unused stuff?

Here are 7 simple tips to follow.

  1. Make a plan. Do you want to park cars in there and, if so, how many? Use it for storage and, if so, for what?
  2. Remove Every Single Thing that does not fit in with your plan. Put those things elsewhere, recycle (normal or hazardous waste), donate, sell or toss them.
  3. Create zones for what remains (sports gear, gardening and so on).
  4. Use vertical and ceiling space.
  5. Porous materials are better stored elsewhere due to extremes in temperature and humidity/dryness.
  6. Be realistic about the time it’ll take to complete, based on your situation.
  7. To maintain your newly organized garage, create systems that will work for your family and support your plan.

Here are some product ideas: (An Organized Approach does not recommend or endorse these products.)

Proslat wall storage:
S­­­­­torage for long-handled gear:
Motorized bike-lift:
Overhead ceiling shelves:
Garage storage bins (and other stuff):

Go here for lots more pro organizer tips. Contact me if you’d like help.

I leave you with this quote:  Only in America do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and lock useless things and junk in boxes in the garage. ~Yakov Smirnoff

Have an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day holiday!


Adriane Weinberg

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