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Clothes clutter

Do you have clothes clutter?

Yes. We all do. Clients who hired me as their professional organizer didn’t know how or where to start, needed someone with them, didn’t make time or avoided making decisions. I help people get organized from beginning to end.

Want more space? Lose the clothes clutter that wastes valuable space that could be used for important stuff.

Each item involves a decision. Keep? Sell? Donate? Give away? Toss? People know what to keep or let go. It’s the stuff between keep and let go. Decluttering simply eliminates what’s become clutter and you keep everything you like – nicely organized!  Maybe you’ll even decide to minimize. A friend or professional organizer can help. Family members can be judgmental and family issues can arise.

Charitable Donation Sources

Money from the sale of donated goods helps fund their charitable missions.

  • Goodwill Helps people overcome challenges to build skills, find jobs and grow careers.
  • Red Cross Provides disaster relief wherever it’s needed. (GreenDrop, a partner, has drop-off sites or home pickup.)
  • Salvation Army Meets human needs around the world. (May pick up in your area.)
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart Comprised of military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for being wounded in combat. Needed services are provided to all veterans and their families.
  • Vietnam Veterans of America Helps Vietnam Vets with their issues and needed services. (May pick up in your area.)
  • Dress For Success Empowers women economically around the world, partly by distributing contemporary, seasonal career-appropriate apparel.
  • Career Wardrobe (Philly area) Provides jobseekers with professional clothing for job interviews.
  • Choose a charity, reuse shipping box(es), fill with clothing, get a prepaid shipping label, and take to UPS/USPS or order pickup online. Guaranteed recycling of boxes.
  • Local thrift shops.

Local Online Marketplaces

Items should be currently in style, clean and in new or nearly new condition. If you take tax deductions, fair market value (think yard sale prices) is customary. (There are valuation guides online.) Keep receipts.

In my closets, there’s only one place for everything – no searching necessary!

After decluttering, client comments include: I feel lighter, I’m less stressed, I have so much more time, I know where to find everything, and the system is so easy to maintain.

If you’d like these results, let’s make it happen!

Adriane Weinberg

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